About the expeditions

The activities aboard M/S BIBIANA are, just like BIBIANA Denmark’s other activities, based on the world’s greatest children’s book illustrations. When the ship sails on an expedition we bring works from the exhibitions “Sea Fairy Tales” and “Sailing Tales from Slovakia”.

“Sea Fairy Tales” was created for the Estonian Children’s Literature Center in 2011, due to Talinn being the cultural capital of Europe. Recognized children’s books illustrators from 10 different countries contributed with works for the exhibitions. Among the group of illustrators were six from Denmark: Rasmus Bregnhøi, Otto Dickmeiss, Antonieta Medeiros, Bente Olesen Nyström, Birde Poulsen og Kirsten Raagaard.

“Sailing Tales from Slovakia” was created by BIBIANA Denmark in collaboration with BIBIANA Slovakia. The exhibition consists of illustration-works created by the most talented slovak illustrators through time and works by new, internationally awarded talents, also from Slovakia. The exhibition offers a historical and a contemporary view on illustration art from Slovakia.

In all, the exhibitions consist of works from 12 different countries. Every illustration tells a sea-related legend or myth to the children who visit. The works illustrates imaginative and wondrous architecture from above and below sea level. That includes castles made of fish, the belly of a whale, that also works as a cage, and a flatfish, made into a military vehicle.anneLinnamagi