One of BIBIANA Denmark’s visions is to make more room for the voice of the children in the development of the blue Denmark. That is why school classes, when they visit M/S BIBIANA, is educated in harbor development and architecture. Prior to visiting the harbor, the pupils have worked with the educational material “Dear young architects”. The material is developed in order to inspire the pupils to create magnificent and innovative harbor architecture on the boarder between ocean and solid ground.

When the children arrive to the harbor they are presented to professional artists and architects who introduce them to the harbor and its peculiarities. The children’s ideas are allowed to fly freely in the fresh ocean air. Through sensing and experiencing the harbor, the children gets loaded with inspiration, that can be used later on to help them think of new, wild and dreamy ways to exploit the full potential of the harbor space.

Back on the ship the children’s ideas are made into reality. With a starting point in their own ideas they now build architectural models and draw them in a virtual reality program.

Educational program:

4th- 5th grade: One day at the harbor and one day aboard the ship. You are responsible for arranging your own transportation to the harbor.

Goals that are part of our vision:

  • To develop children’s art and culture for all the children in Denmark
  • To develop the children’s imagination and their ability to create new worlds
  • Give children the ability to fill these blue spaces with creativity and contemplation
  • To contribute to the development of Denmark’s many harbor areas

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